Go green…..literally!

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner I am in the mood for green! This year though I have decided that I am not just going to have a party that is green in color, but one that is also green in the eco-friendly sense. Here are some ideas on making your party more “green”:

  • Send out e-vite invitations rather than wasting the paper on a mailed version
  • Serve meals made from organic, locally grown produce
  • Serve beverages in BPA free re-usable cups or water bottles. This will act as a great party favor for your guests and will hopefully encourage them to start being more “green” in their everyday lives
  • Decorate tables with small potted plants that either you or your guests can plant in your yard after the event
  • ¬†Encourage guests to walk, carpool or take public transportation to your event

There are so many great ways to host an eco-friendly event, and I encourage you all to take this into consideration when hosting your next party. 

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