Personally Present

Recently I had the honor of being a guest speaker at a meeting of a local women’s group. I chose to speak on the topic “Hosting Tips for the Holidays”.  The women in the group are all moms of young children and so I wanted to give them ideas and advice for hosting the holidays in their home while remaining stress free and also involving the kids in the festivities. There is one tip though that I truly feel is the most important, and it applies not only to hosting an event in your home, but to weddings and any other event that you may be hosting as well! That is: Be Present With Your Guests.

Sounds so simple right? You think, “well yes of course I am present with my guests…I am here hosting the event!” But that is not what I am talking about. Being present with your guests is more than just being another face in the crowd at your soiree. It means taking the time to make sure that you are interacting and engaging with each and every one of your guests. All too often when hosting an event, we get too caught up in the details and forget that the most important part lies in the people. When your guests come to an event of yours, be it a wedding, a social gathering, or a holiday feast; remember that they came to see you. Yes the perfectly designed details of the décor, menu, and entertainment, are all important factors in your guests’ experience. However, as time passes and your guests look back on your event, it won’t be the place cards and centerpieces that they remember…it will be the time that you spent talking and interacting with them along with the experiences that they had that will make your event unforgettable.

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