Location You Love

Call me a daydreamer…but I have always been one of those girls that no matter where I was, I could always picture some sort of romantic moment occurring. Be it an engagement or even the wedding itself, everywhere I go I envision some sort of event taking place. So it comes as no surprise that on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon with my husband and our 10 month old son, I was visualizing beautifully romantic “I do’s” while taking in the breathtaking scenery. There is something so magical about the colors, the cool crisp air (we visited during the late fall), and the history of this place.

If you are planning any sort of event, I encourage you to take a look at non-traditional places to be utilized as your location. Someplace that gives you that sense of awe, and is a place that your guests will arrive and say, “oh this is so completely them!” Maybe it’s a park, or a museum, a historical site, a tourist attraction, or even just the comfort of a home. Wherever you may choose to have your next event, just remember that with a little planning and creativity any space can look great, but it’s the joy of the celebration and time spent with friends and family that will make your event feel great.

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