Make the day about YOUR love story

Putting your own personal spin on tradition can be a really great thing. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of coordinating a wedding where the couple really put the effort in to put their own twists on some classic wedding traditions. One of my favorites were the father-daughter and mother-son dances. Instead of two full songs, they got up and danced to the same song. The bride and her dad started it off, and then about one minute into the song the groom and his mother joined them. There was something so sweet about seeing the four of them out on the dance floor at the same time. It made it truly feel like a joining of the two families.

Making a wedding your own is probably what I speak to couples about the most. Incorporating your style into some classic wedding must haves makes your day that much more memorable! So I encourage you to get creative, think of what you and your fiancé love, and bring those elements into your big day to truly make it represent your love story.

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