I Put A Spell On You…First Dance

Two weeks ago, one of my couples performed a completely out of the box first dance. It was amazing. They had choreographed it and been secretly practicing for months. Right before the grand entrance we had the bride and groom sneak off…telling the bridal party that we wanted to give the couple a brief moment to themselves to take in the excitement of the day before entering the reception ballroom. In actuality though the couple was changing into costumes that they had for the first dance. Then, we did the grand entrance of the bridal party and went straight into a slideshow thus building up the guests’ anticipation and wonder of the bride and groom entrance. Right as the slideshow was ending the groom slipped into the ballroom unseen and sat in a chair by the dance floor. Once the music started (I put a spell on you, by Annie Lennox) the bride came in and lured the groom out of his chair surprising many guests. They continued in a very passionate dance, including all kinds of lifts, twists, and poses. It was a performance worthy of Dancing With The Stars. It was truly unique and the guests absolutely LOVED it! They were cheering and clapping throughout the entire performance.

This first dance was unlike any that I had seen. It was so unique to a wedding, but so completely in character for this amazing couple (the bride is a fitness dance instructor). I was smiling for days after their wedding. I just love when a couple is willing to think outside of the traditional wedding norms and instead make the day more about the love story that they share and host a day that is representative of who they are. I am sure that dance is something that the guests will always remember and look back on with a smile.

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