Simple Things For Your Guests’ Comfort

The date is set, the venue on lock, the menu perfected, dresses and menswear ordered, vendors contracted, and invites sent. All the big stuff has come together wonderfully! So what next? Well, I am going to suggest possibly adding a few more little things to your to-do list. I know, not what you want to hear right now right? But these little things that I want you to consider adding to your wedding are just a few simple things to help your guests feel a little more comfortable. So here they are:

1. Outdoor venue? Put a few soft throw blankets or shawls, in your color scheme of course, rolled up in a cute basket and set out near the coffee station with a simple sign saying “Please take one to keep you warm”.

2. Big dancing crowd? Put a basket of flip flops in a variety of sizes near the DJ table and ask the DJ to announce that they are there for the taking. You can also include a sign that says something like, “Grab a little treat for your dancing feet”.

3. Restroom concierge: Put a basket in the bathroom with necessities such as bandaids, mints, stain remover wipes, feminine products, hairspray, bobby pins and safety pins. Signage can read, “Please help yourself. Take what you need and leave the rest, it may be useful for another guest. Compliments of the newlyweds”.

4. Signage: I am a big fan of signage (as you can see from my suggestions above). Labeling everything not only ties the overall look of your wedding together by using similar frames and signs with the same font/colors, but it also makes the event easy for your guests. It lets them know exactly what to do and what to expect so they are never left feeling confused at where to go or what to do next.

5. Late night? Consider arranging with your caterer a late night snack for your guests that are still there dancing into the night with you long after dinner is done. But perhaps have it boxed up in individual to-go containers instead of set out on a station. Put it out about an hour before the end of your wedding so any guests leaving a little early can grab one as they go. Make it fun finger foods that they can eat in the car, nothing fancy, think sliders and fries.

Overall you want your guests to feel welcome and loved. You want them to know how excited you are that they are there to celebrate this amazing moment with you two. Little personal touches will make a lasting impression and will help everyone to have a wonderful time.

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