Make the day truly yours…..

One of the most common questions that brides ask me is “what am I supposed to do for….” and my answer is always the same, there is no supposed to when it comes to your big day, just do whatever speaks to you and your fiance! You want your wedding to be a true depiction of who you are as a couple, your guests should walk in and go, “oh wow, that is so them!”

Sure it is nice to incorporate traditional aspects (your parents will be happy you did), but it is equally important that you look back on the day and think to yourself that it truly was everything that you had ever dreamed it would be.

I had a bride last May that did just that. Instead of the traditional wedding cake that you would expect to see, she incorporated a little of who she was when it came time for dessert. She had been a Girl Scout for 12 years when she was younger, so in lieu of a wedding cake we set up a delicious display of all the favorite Girl Scout Cookies. It was definitely a crowd pleaser, and probably something that the couple will always look back on with a smile!

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